Plenty of people would argue summer is the best time of year, and we’re inclined to agree!

Plenty of people would argue summer is the best time of year, and we’re inclined to agree! The warmer weather and seasonal holidays make summer a busy period for many of us, and the job market typically reflects the upswing in consumer spending.

Lots of temp roles are at peak availability in summer and they’re a great way to earn some extra dollars, as well as add some more experience to your CV. We’ll give you the rundown on how to find the best summer work in this blog.

Advice to Get You Started

Temp recruitment is fast-paced, as these positions usually need to be filled quickly to meet an urgent need. Before you begin searching for a temp job, it won’t hurt to prepare beforehand so you can hit the ground running and make the right impression.

  • Think about your goals and motivations: Ask yourself, what types of work would suit your experience best? What industries and jobs are you most interested in? Are you looking to gain some new skills, or is money your most important consideration? Thinking about your goals will give your job search more focus.
  • Identify your skills: Make a list of the skills you possess and how these could be used in the temp roles you’re interested in. You could have a qualification or licence that employers will find particularly useful, or you’ve picked up certain skills from a volunteer job, a hobby or side hustle. Identifying your top skills is what will help you sell yourself as a job candidate.
  • Get your CV ready: No effective job search happens without a well-written CV, so make sure the one you have looks professional. The standard approach to writing a quality CV is to list your work experience, qualifications and achievements in reverse chronological order. Correct spelling and grammar are essential, as these errors can make you look careless. We recommend you have a friend (or your temp recruiter) read it so they can spot any mistakes and ensure it makes sense.
  • Tidy up your social media and other online profiles: A few jobseekers get tripped up by a social media profile that shows a bit too much partying, or offensive comments or behaviour. If you’re not sure about how a specific post might look to a potential employer, it’s best to delete it. Apply this rule to all of your social media accounts and you’re more likely to look professional and trustworthy.
  • Check in with your network: Don’t forget the grapevine! Everyone has at least one contact they can reach out to for finding their next job. Friends, family, former colleagues, managers and classmates are often a valuable source of help, so don’t be shy about talking to them about your job search. Someone you already know can also give you the advantage of vouching for you.

Have Your Job References Ready

Before you start applying for summer jobs, make a list of at least two referees who can provide references about you to employers. Be sure to ask your referees if they’re willing to provide a reference for you before you give out their contact details to employers.

All employers generally expect candidates to have references, so having these organised before you sit for interviews will help speed up the recruitment process. If you don’t have a lot of experience, a character reference from a mentor, coach, teacher or someone you babysat for would still be helpful. (And remember, each reference must be truthful!)

Be Flexible

In this market, you may have more options for finding a temp job than you think. As Australia starts to find its way out of COVID-19 restrictions, business demand has spiked in several industries, leaving many employers struggling to find staff.

Do consider working in an industry or company that is different to what you’re used to. If you have a solid understanding of your skills and what experience you can bring to the table, looking further beyond your usual areas can lead to new opportunities.

Additionally, during peak seasons, employers are particularly attracted to candidates who can work extra hours and public holidays, so keep this in mind when you’re job hunting.

A Shortcut to Making Your Job Search Easier

You could go it alone when looking for a summer job, but you will maximise your efforts by working with a temp recruitment agency. A temp agency has access to a wide network of employers that an individual jobseeker simply can’t match. Even better, talking to a recruiter will help you discover summer job opportunities that aren’t advertised to the public.

Employment Group’s team of experienced consultants are deeply knowledgeable about the job market and can help you connect with a range of temp jobs in areas including trades, manufacturing, construction and warehousing, and office support. Check out our job vacancies, or get in touch to find out more.

Author – Employment Group