Upgrade your warehouse this year and put yourself ahead of the curve. This blog will give you all you need to know about trends to watch for in 2023.

In every industry, you will find experts who spend time predicting trends that will be watch-worthy throughout the year. A new warehousing trend doesn’t mean that there are necessarily new features or movements that are introduced, but new trends could be something that has been around for a while and is finally relevant.

It may not be easy to incorporate new trends into your business but if you want to propel yourselves into the top spot in your industry, it’s important to be aware of them. Some organisations choose not to indulge in new trends that come their way, whether it’s due to finances, or the challenge to stay ahead of the competition is too much pressure.

The business world can be ruthless but if you open up to changes in the warehousing industry you are more likely to find your next step to better success. The bigger your business, the more it needs to shift with the times and not be left behind. Your customers’ demands and the need for better efficiency are at stake, so here are some of the trends to watch this year.

Sustainable Warehousing

Environmental responsibility is everyone’s business and in warehousing, it’s no different. If you are a new brand in particular, then you need to make sure that your identity is significantly tied to your sustainability goals.

We’re living in a world where more and more customers are looking for brands that will lean toward reducing their carbon footprint. As a manufacturing leader, your consciousness of the impact your company has on the surrounding areas will help you to push your company toward sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. Doing this will help you to stand out.

Adding more sustainable policies and practices to the way you currently do things may mean partnering with outside companies or upgrading your machinery to be more efficient.

Robotic Automation

Every detail of your warehousing processes need to be efficient for it to run smoothly. This should include things like controlling wastage and one of the best ways to do it is with automation. We see robots present in most modern warehouses today and they do play a key role in efficiency and automation in stereoscopic warehouses.

This doesn’t remove the need for a human workforce. Robotic automation takes on the tedious processes that allow your employees to focus on other more important roles. Of course, if you plan to implement more robotic processes this year, you need to ensure that you have the correct safety measures implemented as soon as possible.

Machinery can assist with order picking which can put your employees at risk – especially in the case of large items. When you use automation to eliminate risks, you end up with a safer and more productive work environment. Customer retention is a big challenge in a time where the expectation is fast turnaround for packing and delivery – this should be a driving force for better efficiency.

Stronger Network Connectivity

Another way to transform your supply chain is with an upgraded warehouse management system. These systems are fully equipped with better data storage, extensive computing power and the ability to better connect with other customer management systems and applications.

A stronger network isn’t just about tracking any shipments you make. A state of the art software is going to help you to manage your marketing and materials, production line and the delivery to the customer. With all of that, you can also manage sorting robots and packaging systems, and then better connect to other warehouses in your network.

There are so many different software options that it can be tough to know where to get started. It acts to ensure that you have smooth coordination throughout your systems, reducing implementation times and improving the warehouse environment.

Design & Simulation Software

One of the biggest trends coming out this year is the new warehouse design modelling and simulation software. The implementation of this type of software is going to satisfy customer needs. As we said earlier, people want their orders yesterday, which means that warehouse owners have to be aware of how to fulfil their customer’s needs.

Smart warehouse management is at the forefront this year with companies looking to satisfy the need for speed sought by their customers. With modelling and simulation software, you gain a picture of what your warehouse should look like and this will allow you to optimise your space based on the needs shown in your inventory.

The help of predictive analysis can help you to keep up with peak seasons and then hire the additional labour to handle those peaks. When you expect a surge in orders, you can design your warehouse and simulate whether you will need a better layout or more machinery.


Warehousing trends come and go but understanding which trends will matter most this year can only benefit your business. If you are expecting a surge in popularity it can help you to be able to hire the right labour to fill the gaps and when you adjust your business to suit new trends, you will be able to elevate your business.

While you attempt to implement new software, consider looking at growing your workforce with our help. Here at Employment Group, our team of specialist Recruiters are positioned to assist you in hiring efficient and talented industrial employees here in Sydney and across Australia. Give us a calltoday, so we can put you in contact with your next great hire.

Author – Employment Group